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Welcome HomeOS, WWDC HashFlags and macOS Mammoth?

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Welcome home(OS)

Mac VS PC UK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7s7p-MSOLvY

Revealed by a probably rushed out job posting, and quickly changed press release, Apple is seeking
You'll get to work with system engineers across Apple, learning the inner-workings of iOS, watchOS, tvOS and homeOS, and optimizing your code for performance in ways only Apple can. Come join our team and make a real difference for music lovers worldwide.
The ‌Apple Music‌ Frameworks team owns the technology stack that enables the system-integrated ‌Apple Music‌ experience on all of our mobile platforms: iOS, watchOS, and homeOS.

As mentioned above, it was quickly changed to “HomePod”, but it certainly seems like Apple is looking to expand their SmartHome devices beyond just audio as “Pod” in a product name indicates Audio. AirPods, PodCast, you get the drill.

Monterey VS Mammoth.
Two of the names suggested for Apple’s next operating system are macOS Monterey and Mammoth, and both have just had their

WWDC HashFlag

Andrew Hornback
#icaveanswers Dave, you're our last hope! Seems that our 3rd Gen iPad is starting to have issues with the home button and the wife wants to replace it. We don't do much with it except for reading our church bulletins for Sunday AM service; however, after seeing one of the newer iPads, the wife is intrigued by the Apple Pencil and the idea of using an iPad as a supplemental display for her (i.e. my old) 2015 MBP. Which non-iPadPro, non-5G device would you recommend? Thanks! #nextstop8ksubs

Alan Be Unboxings and News • 8 hours ago (edited)
#iCaveAnswers apple should put the m1x or m2 on the ipad 9nth generation because the ipad 8th has a a12 chip thats why?
#iCaveAnswers would apple put the apple tv free and not be anymore inside of macOS?
#iCaveAnswers why did apple discontinued the ipod nano and the ipod shuffle and why they don't sell them anymore?
#iCaveAnswers did you know that iOS stands for iphoneOS?
#iCaveAnswers will apple announce the iphone se plus and iphone se 3 at wwdc21?

Evan Rodgers
#icaveanswers any chance we see the new Radeon 6000 graphics in upcoming Apple laptops or desktops?

Bryan Data
#icaveanswers - I am hanging for the higher end mini - starting to hear rumours of no mini at dub-dub. What are you hearing?

Eliezer Aquino • 7 hours ago
#icaveanswers With so many iPod rumors,And apple is going retro, What do you think is one product line that Apple will bring back?

Marcin Kowalczyk
@iCaveDave #iCaveAnswers would You concur that T6000 may be a m1x cpu in imac [m1x] = half of mac pro but same node?

A Hughes • 3 hours ago
#iCaveAnswers Amazon Prime Day 2021 has just been announced for 21st & 22nd June & it’s likely Apple’s annual Back to School education promotion will likely happen in July as usual this year. Do you think it’s likely that any hardware announced next week will be discounted in either of these promotions? Also, does Apple give better warranties or after sales support if you buy direct via their website or stores vs. via Amazon or other retailers?

Peter Holdmann
#ICaveAnswers Do you think WWDC will go back to an in-person format, stay virtual, or some sort of hybrid in the future? I know there was talk of the benefits of the virtual format bringing it to more people, but in-person has some big benefits, too.

Eliezer Aquino • 1 hour ago
#icaveanswers Do you think that the new iMac Pro have XDR?

John Malkin
#iCaveAnswers Since Justin Long sold his soul to Intel, do you think Apple would use the UK PC & Mac actors at WWDC? I would love to see John Hodgman arguing with David Mitchell on which processor brand was inside. And Robert Webb saying well I just have Apple Silicon.

Jim McInnes-Boylan • 31 minutes ago
#icaveanswers Hi dave, when do they normally do the "and finally" announcements, is it likely to be at the end of the keynote on the 7th or the end of the week on the 11th?
Your loyal subject Jim

Team Kinetix
#iCaveAnswers What are your thoughts on big tech review channels being compared to QVC? There seems to be a shift in popularity towards smaller tech channels as they appear more honest. It’s hard to appear objective when a brand is sending free kit or even paying for features.
Do you think big tech channels are less honest than small ones?

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