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Rise of the Resistance Ride Alternate Views

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If you visit Disney Hollywood Studios in Orlando Florida the one must see ride is the Rise of the Resistance Ride in Star Wars Galaxy's Edge. It is difficult to get on as you must make a reservation via the Virtual Queue on the Disney World App. They have 2 times you can join per day. The first time is at 7:00am. You must have a reservation in the park for that day to reserve a time. You can also reserve a time at 1:00pm, but you must be in Disney Hollywood Studios when making that reservation.

Once you get the reservation you will be given an estimate on the number of hours before you can board. Eventually you will get a time slot on when to go to the ride and get on.

What I didn't know was that a plexiglass divider was added to the ride due to the pandemic. It is between the front seat of the vehicle and the back seat. It is a horrible addition to the ride, although it does allow more people to enjoy the experience. If you get stuck in the back seat, you have to look through the plexiglass to see what is going on in front of you. It has a lot of glare and it completely removes you from the immersive experience of the ride. I highly suggest that you do whatever you can to maneuver yourself into the front seat so you can be totally immersed in the experience.

Sitting in the back is still better than not riding at all, but try to go again as we did. You can only ride once per day, but we had a 6 day ticket and were able to go again another day.

The other reason to try to ride twice is that there are two totally different experiences when you see the full size AT-AT walkers. Once takes you on a lift to the very front of one of the walkers (my favorite view) and the other takes you on a shorter lift to the side. We have included both views in this video so you can see the difference.

The experience riding back to Batuu in the escape pod looks a bit different from the front seat compared to the back. Both are good, just different perspectives as you will see in the video.

The other thing that took away some of the immersive experience was all the ride workers/actors didn't really feel in character because they had masks and shields on. Something definitely not in the movie, but understandable given the situation. Hopefully we will get away from this soon.

Enjoy the video and please like it if you enjoyed it and subscribe to our channel to see future content. I will be posting more from our trip to Disney World and Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.

00:00 Intro
00:20 Line Walkthrough
05:08 Ride Entrance
08:18 Docking Bay Entrance
10:00 Detention Cell Entrance
11:18 Ride Boarding
12:14 AT-AT Walker Option 1
13:12 AT-AT Walker Option 2
15:54 Rear Seat Pod Escape View
16:47 Front Seat Pod Escape View


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